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The Art of Bondage is using restraints such as chains, cuffs, collars, rope or other items

Some will focus more on the art of rope such as Shibari seeing it more as an art form but in practice and seeing their final work where as others will use this and many other restraints to dominate for their sexual pleasure and that of their partner(s) 

Its Hot for Men and Women

Sometimes women make the mistake of thinking men would not enjoy this but that could not be more wrong. Most men, because they are often expected to play an alpha male at work or home to the kids etc, will actually be down to be tied up, chained up, restrained with silk sashes and just dream of letting you have your way. They may just want a sensual and sexual massage with a "happy ending" or they may want you to completely tease, tantalize and possible torture parts of them.

Don't be afraid to discuss it, often men are and they appreciate it when their partners take hold of the situation .. literally!


Same applies to women

On the same level women often fantasize about being blindfolded, restrained and touched by you and perhaps others, maybe they want to explore their bi side and have another woman sensualize and sexualize them while they can't move and are "forced" to take the pleasure or possible some pain. Women often like other dynamics will hide in their closets for fear of being shamed that they want such sexually "deviant" things but as long as it's all consensual there is nothing deviant about it. Pleasuring someone is the most satisfying thing you can do for them but also for yourself, and let's face it, any relationship get's stale if it is the same humdrum wham bam thank you maam situations all the time!

Restraining someone really can go to the dark side if they wish to have some form of degradation or humiliations attached or perhaps even torture. Again we remind our members to please ensure that EVERYTHING you do is with consent at all times.




B is for Bondage but do you want a little more

B is for Bondage but do you want a little more ...

Many of us like to be tied up and it is one of the most common sexual fantasies with some 93% of men and 96% of women fantasizing about some form of it at some point.

Although Shibari is not necessarily used for sex or restraint (although it can be) some will use it as a form of meditation or just as a tool to create some intimate time with a partner because not only does it look beautiful and sexy there is a real craft to it that needs some patience to do it right.

It's actually a contemporary form of rope bondage that originated in Japan and is often also called Kinbaku.

Now saying that there is absolutely nothing stopping you using this as intimacy but also to get away with some serious deviant teasing when it is all said and done.

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