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Polyamory & BDSM

We have so many confusing dynamics in the Adult Alternative Lifestyles and BDSM is no different, some swingers like it, some poly like it, some hate it. However Polyamorous and BDSM can often go hand in hand more than other dynamics (assuming they both have a dark side) because of the relationships. Many will require/desire or just want more than one partner, that could be for domination, sexual gratification or a mixture of both.

BDSM isn't something you can just "do" with people you have no respect or trust for. It is essential that all have an understanding of each other to keep everything consensual and balanced for all parties involved so often that can mean establishing a true relationship with that "play partner or submissive". However many will be closeted (much like the LGBTQIA+ community) because of fear of shame from their family, co-workers and in some cases their actual primary partner who may have some understanding but will not partake.

We have established in other areas that BDSM is an umbrella term for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. It encompasses a variety of lifestyles, personal experiences and interpersonal dynamics—from those who keep it to the bedroom to those who are active in local BDSM groups. Polyamory is a relationship/lifestyle choice where you are romantically involved with more than one person at the same time. Both lifestyles are based on the concept of consent of all parties involved.

D/s relationships are ones in which dominance and submission are the primary feature (sometimes people will switch). There are a lot of different dynamics but let's assume you have a Master, he may choose to take on 3 submissives and because there is so much structure within that dynamic of obeying/dominating that often rolls over into all aspects and full time relationships will form. Some even living 24/7 as D/s lifestyles. If for example a primary wife is not interested in being part of that dynamic then she may allow to open the relationship up approving of one or two others that will fulfill the needs of person giving a win, win situation where all are getting what they want and need.

Some will choose to have "live in" poly dynamics with all and chose to live as "one-family/household" others it will be more of a role when they turn up to "the dungeon" for example and perhaps the primary is fine with role play but does not want that within the main relationship.

Simply there are too many poly dynamics to even attempt to get through them all here, but mostly in any Dominant/submissive relationship the Dom can and will choose to invite other people into the relationship often not needing the approval of any sub, these type of situations are not considered so much a poly/BDSM situation and more of one just for sexual relations.

Before entering any Poly situation with a D/s dynamic you must be clear of what you want the relationship to be (role play only or becoming a "poly wife" of sorts, because as with both dynamics its all about consensual agreements and if they are not made it can lead to very damaging situations.


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